Clothes That You Should Be Wearing To Your Ballet Dance Class

Learning a dance requires discipline and hard work. Even before the first ballet dance class has begun, the students must be disciplined in their approach. For this, they should be aware of the kind of clothes that they have to wear in class.


Any budding ballet dancer needs just the right clothes to dance in. Since ballet requires stretching the body, it is best to look for clothes that are not restricting and can be comfortable during practice.

  • Leotards – Most ballet dance class instructors ask students to wear a set of comfortable leotards. Leotards are usually a single piece dress made out of a mix of natural and synthetic material. These provide a free range of movement and allow the instructor to see the lines of the body properly.
  • Tights – Some dance instructors might prefer tights instead of leotards. A ballet dance class tends to have pink and white tights for girls and black ones for the boys.
  • Tutus – While they are not strictly necessary, girls can also wear tutus along with their leotards and tights. These are skirts that fit around the waist and are usually a part of a costume.
  • Shorts – Boys need not worry about wearing tutus, since they can wear shorts on top of their tights if they feel like it.


One of the most noticeable things about ballet dance class students is that their hair is always pulled back into a bun. The reason why hair must be properly pinned back and covered is so that the teachers can see the movement of the neck and shoulders.


Ballet is all about the posture of the body and this is very hard to achieve without the right shoes. Most ballet dancers wear specially designed footwear called ballet shoes or toe shoes. These help the dancer in maintaining their balance and preventing injuries to the foot. Most ballet dance class instructors prefer a certain color to the other, so make sure to ask in advance.


When the students have practiced their routines enough, it is time to ditch the regular dance clothes and put on costumes. Recitals are the time when different costumes are worn, depending on the story and characters. While some are quite simple, certain costumes can get quite complex. However, they are worth the time and effort being put into them.

All of these are essential to any ballet dance class as they enhance the beauty of the dance and the comfort of the dancer. So get your shopping list ready and make haste for the first dance class.


Interesting Benefits Of Learning To Dance

Perhaps one of the most common dreams that little girls have is to become a ballerina. For them, the image of a graceful woman making arches with their arms and leaping through the air is something to strive for. However, this often remains a childhood dream and few of us learn how to dance in our lives.

dance-benefitsLearning to dance is not simply about fulfilling a childhood dream or carrying forward a wedding tradition. Joining dance classes allows for many benefits to start seeping into our lives. Of course, knowing the art of dancing is a benefit on certain occasions. But other than those moments, there are plenty of times that the benefits of learning to dance will be obvious.

  • Self Expression – Our need to express the thoughts inside can take many forms. Some of us become authors, others take up sculpture and some become dancers. As an art form, dance classes are a great place to express emotions, ideas and feelings that have been locked away for too long. Most dancers put a lot of their own self into their movements and it reflects in the grace and beauty.
  • Exercising The Body – Apart from the ability to let out emotions, dancing also allows the body to exercise in a manner that is engaging and entertaining. Most forms of dance count as strenuous forms of exercise and can help in keeping the body fit and healthy. In children, dance classes are said to be instrumental in building stronger bones and healthy muscles.
  • Becoming More Creative – Creating a dance routine requires a fair amount of creativity. While instructors can teach the individual steps, it is up to the student to combine them in new and different ways. The world of dancing rarely remains fixed in one place. Students of dance help it evolve and in the process, they find a new way to channel their own creativity.
  • Learning A Skill – Dancing is not simply a form of art. It is also a skill that can come in handy on a number of occasions. First of these is at a club or a bar where dancing can help in finding somebody to share a drink with. It is helpful at weddings, parties and social gatherings. Dance classes teach their students the skills involved in using every part of the body properly and it comes in handy during stretching, doing yoga or even in cleaning the house.
  • Increasing Confidence – One of the fringe benefits of joining dance classes is the increase in confidence among the students. Our society places a high premium on being able to dance in public. Starting from school recitals and dances to college parties and weddings, dancing is the best way to show off your confidence. Knowing that you are not making a fool of yourself in public really does boost the self-esteem by a few points.
  • Spending Time With Family – Dancing is a great way to spend more time with the family. Enrolling everybody in dance classes means that everybody stays together in the studio and can practice together at home.
  • Meet New People – Joining dance classes is a great way to meet new people. Everybody needs a partner and finding the right one from a room full of people means having to meet every single one. Along with a good partner, one can find common minded people and make a couple of new friends along the way.
  • Reduce Stress – When we dance, the brain released a cocktail of hormones designed to make us happy. In the process, these hormones target one of the biggest issues we face in our urban lives. It reduces the stress we deal with each day and replaces it with feelings of happiness and contentment. This is the reason that clubs are so popular. Most of the patrons are there to walk away from any kind of stress and troubled thinking.
  • Fall In Love – Couples that want to add a dash of romance to their lives can benefit a lot from dance classes. Dancing has been known to rekindle the feelings of love in people because of the sensuous nature of the movements. A lot of dancers often fall in love with their partners. The basic requirements for a healthy relationship – trust, honesty, and common interests – are all needed in dancing as well. Dancing together can often bring two people closer faster than any other method.

There is a beauty in dancing that few of us can deny. By learning to dance, we take that beauty and put it within our heart and souls. That is why dancers often bring a spot of relief in an otherwise boring and dull day. Joining dance classes is a great way to start learning the basics of dance and bringing some much need joy and benefit to yourself and the whole world!


Marketing your dance studio to increase enrollment

Finding new ways to market your dance studio in order to increase the number of enrollment can seem tedious. There are a lot of ways by which this can be done in a successful manner.

The most basic method of attracting new students is to offer a free gift such as a backpack, bag, water bottle, pencil kit, etc. to everyone who registers with the dance studio. For more people to enroll, more people need to be aware of the existence of dance studio. This can be done by participating in fests in which gifts such as jar openers can be handed out to the public. These gifts should be branded with the label of dance studio, which will help put the word out.

Social media has gained all the hype now. Anything and everything is being posted on the internet and the smart people are benefiting from the mileage they gain through this media. Dance studio’s can use this platform and create a name for themselves.

School-aged dancers are motivated students who thrive on new challenges. They can be inspired easily. This can be done by talking to the parents and explaining to them the perks of joining dance studio. Calling in professionals for master classes will boost the morale of existing students and attract more towards the studio. People will feel that the studio is bent on providing opportunities that cannot be availed easily.

Networking is also a method that can help fill the studio with a flow of new students. You can hand out your visiting cards to your current students and their parents and ask them to pass it around. When people see other people going to the studio, they will want to get enrolled as well.

Following these steps will help dance studio a brand and an opportunity that everyone would like to seek.