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Proper dance class etiquette for dance studios

Dance class or dance studios have proper etiquette that are required to be followed by the dancers. These are a set of guidelines that help us fit in and be acceptable in social circles of dancing. Learning these etiquettes will help a person gain a happy or an unhappy dancing experience and will create all […]

Clothes That You Should Be Wearing To Your Ballet Dance Class

Learning a dance requires discipline and hard work. Even before the first ballet dance class has begun, the students must be disciplined in their approach. For this, they should be aware of the kind of clothes that they have to wear in class. Clothes Any budding ballet dancer needs just the right clothes to dance […]

Opening A Local Dance Studio

Opening a dance studio is a dream that many students and teachers of dance have. Having a space in which one can express their own thoughts and take others through the journey is a wonderful concept. With the increase in reality television programs that focus on dance, a lot of people now want to learn […]

Protecting Your Dance Floors With Marley

One of the challenges of owning a dance studio is the upkeep of the floor. Dancers are dependent on having the best quality flooring in order to keep their routines moving along perfectly. A dance studio in Hemet makes sure that the floors have been maintained properly and are protected with Marley vinyl floor tops. […]

4 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Qualified Dance Teacher

There are many teachers in the world that come with degrees and qualifications. However, it takes a little more than just a college education to teach at a dance studio. Hiring a qualified dance teacher is not the easiest task. However, there are some traits that can make the decision easier. Passion – Teachers simply […]