Tips On Creating The Perfect Dance Choreography

When learning dance, there always comes a time when we have to create the dance choreography from scratch. This is the final test of any dancer and the best way to put together every lesson learnt till now. For many of us, this can be a daunting task. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with an original piece of choreography.

Dancing is a way to express the inner self and let loose a wave of creativity. With the help of a few tips and methods, the pressure of choosing the perfect dance choreography reduces. The result is a beautiful dance without the tension.

  • Pick A Dance Style – When creating a routine, pick out a style that you are most comfortable with. While a lot of dancers mix it up, it is better to stick with a single one for the first attempt. Once you know the kind of style, it becomes easier to think of dance choreography.
  • Choose The Correct Song – Every dancer needs a song that speaks to them in order to dance to it. Picking out a song will definitely be tough, but it is worth the effort. The correct song will get the body moving without having to think. The emotional connect is much more powerful than the practical mind.
  • Create A List Of Matching Steps – Each style of dancing has certain steps that are best suited for it. A waltz can be fitted into other kinds of ballroom dances, but not into hip-hop dance choreography. Write down the steps if necessary and work out an order for them. Keep a few simple steps in the middle of two to three complex steps to keep a flow going.
  • Break Down The Routine Into Eights – Most instructors will try to break down the steps into eights. Each part of the step is done to the count and eight counts can complete the step. This is quite helpful if the dance choreography has to be taught to a partner or a larger group.
  • Start Dancing, Catch The Rhythm – So far, all of this is just theory when it comes to dancing. The actual choreography comes about when a dancer starts working the steps to the music and rhythm. This makes the dance choreography fit in with the lyrics and melody. This is also the best time to judge whether or not other dancers can keep up with the steps or not.
  • Keep Practicing – Finally, creating the perfect dance choreography comes down to practicing it every day and night. The more times it is done, the more polished the routine becomes. Over time, the steps become second nature and end in a beautiful dance sequence.

Feeling nervous about choreographing a dance routine is perfectly normal. It takes skill and constant hard work but the end result is definitely worth it. while some dancers prefer losing themselves in the music, others can take some help from these tips and start working on their dance choreography with ease.