Protecting Your Dance Floors With Marley

One of the challenges of owning a dance studio is the upkeep of the floor. Dancers are dependent on having the best quality flooring in order to keep their routines moving along perfectly. A dance studio in Hemet makes sure that the floors have been maintained properly and are protected with Marley vinyl floor tops.

Keeping the flooring covered and in good shape has two purposes. The first is to ensure that there are no scratches, dents or breaks in the wooden dancing floor. If this happens, then the value of the floor decreases and it can also affect the overall performance of the dancers. This brings us to the second purpose of using Marley floor tops in a dance studio in Hemet.

A dancer is prone to many injuries during the course of practice. A floor that cannot support the dancer will give them stress injuries and fractures over a period of time. Putting on a layer of vinyl makes the floor suitable for ballet or jazz practice, all of which are fairly popular in Hemet, CA.

Dance floors should be treated to the very best. They need top layers that are durable enough to last for several years without breaking or cracking. These layers should be at least a quarter of an inch in width. In fact, some of the best floors are protected by tops that two-thirds of inch thick. That is the level of quality seen in Hemet.

Even so, a studio floor top that remains in one place forever can be a bit of a hassle. But a dance studio in Hemet will not have to worry about that if they use Marley vinyl floor tops. These tops can simply be rolled up and stored in the closet till the next dance class is in session. What better way could there be to keep the floors in shape and give the dancers their much needed support?


4 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Qualified Dance Teacher

There are many teachers in the world that come with degrees and qualifications. However, it takes a little more than just a college education to teach at a dance studio. Hiring a qualified dance teacher is not the easiest task. However, there are some traits that can make the decision easier.

Passion – Teachers simply must have a passion for what they do. Like all other teachers in Hemet, CA, dance teachers should have a deep love for dancing and invoke the same in others. Without this, a good qualification is simply a piece of paper hanging on the wall.

Creativity – Sometimes, teachers are qualified to repeat the same lesson plan over and over again. While this is a good way to proceed with formulas and numbers, dancing requires self-expression and creativity. When hiring a qualified dance teacher for a dance studio, be sure to spend time understanding the creative output and abilities of the dancer.

Patience – A dance studio will rarely see patrons that have been practicing dance for many long years. In Hemet, dance studios see a mix of young children, interested teenagers and some adults wanting to learn. Each of these groups must be dealt with patiently over a long period of time. A qualified dance teacher without a short temper would not be a good option in such a case.

Dedication – Mastering any art form requires practice, from the student and the teacher. A dance teacher must be dedicated towards her field and invest heart and soul into it. Such dedication is guaranteed to inspire students and bring a reason for continuing to dance in their lives.

A teacher that can bring all of this positive energy into the dance studio is the right candidate for the job. With their joy and passion for dance, there is no doubt that they will be able to dance circles around any other.