Proper dance class etiquette for dance studios

Dance class or dance studios have proper etiquette that are required to be followed by the dancers. These are a set of guidelines that help us fit in and be acceptable in social circles of dancing. Learning these etiquettes will help a person gain a happy or an unhappy dancing experience and will create all the difference between people wanting or not wanting to dance with them.

The first rule is to always be on time. This is a basic etiquette factor for everyone irrespective of which field they belong to and therefore, it is also necessary for a dancer. Arriving late is disrespect to the teacher and also disrupts the flow of the ongoing class. In a dance class, you cannot directly jump into the moves; you have to start with a warm-up. If a dancer arrives late, he or she will not be able to warm-up before getting right to the dance moves.

Dress codes are a must to be followed. Different dance classes have different dress codes. Some classes may have a strict dress code whereas others may follow a more relaxed one. The dancer must ask their instructor about the footwear and clothing before starting a dance class. Whatever you decide to wear, it should look appropriate and be comfortable for you to perform your dance moves in.

Another important factor is chewing gum. It may seem like a small thing but it sends the wrong message. In a class, nobody is really looking forward to someone who can interfere by smacking a gum or blowing bubbles. Apart from the fact that it is disrespectful and disrupts the class, it is also hazardous. While dancing, it is very easy to choke on a gum.

All dancers should respect each other’s personal space. Dancing requires us to move our body, flail our arms, perform kicks of various kinds, etc. All dance classes are not spacious enough and therefore, students may bang into each other. It should be taken care of by each individual to move around in their given area and not come in contact with other dancers. In the event of colliding into someone, the best thing to do is apologize and go back to the space allotted to you.

Distractions are also caused when students keep talking to each other during an ongoing class. This creates confusion and irritation for those who are actually trying to learn something. One should, at all times, avoid having a quiet conversation on the side when the teacher is giving his or her instructions. It is good to be social but it should be saved for a time when it is not rude to others.

There are various other things that fall under proper etiquette for a dance class. They include wearing dance shoes whether the type of dancing is formal or informal. Shoes with rubber soles should be avoided as they stick to the floor.

Strapless or sleeveless outfits should be avoided, as it is not at all pleasant for someone to touch the skin of another who is sweating. This should be kept in mind especially while performing a dance form that requires a partner.

Accessories such as watches, rings, big earrings, etc. should be avoided as they could be dangerous. They can fall during the dance and hurt others or yourself.Long hair should not be left open. It should be properly tied in a bun or a ponytail as they can hit others right in their faces during turns and spins.

Every dance class has their own set of etiquette, which should be handled with utmost care.